New TRON: Legacy vs. Classic TRON Posters

Have you seen the new TRON: Legacy poster? Does it remind you of something you’ve seen in the past? Of course it does! Check out the new TRON: Legacy poster side by side with the original one:

Hit the jump for a bigger version of the new poster.

[Via Gizmodo]


4 Responses to New TRON: Legacy vs. Classic TRON Posters

  1. The Tron: legacy poster is quite good, IMO, apart from 2 things, 1) The fact that she has her arm around him…. Is Tron a love story? I thought not. 2) The over-animated style. I love Tron, because it is actual footage, with hand-drawn overlays, which is awesome. The new one looks like Beowolf… I suppose it's like comparing the original Star Wars lightsabres to the ones in the newest films….

    • She doesn't have her arm around him in the original poster.. So yes, the original poster reflects that the original Tron is not a love story.

      Unless you meant "Is Tron: Legacy a love story?", in which case I don't think any of us not involved in the making of the film can comment on that right now, considering it hasn't been released.

      "The over-animated style."

      Look at the original poster again. That is far more 'animated', to the point of the characters being near-enough silhouettes. The new poster is at least definitely using an actual photo. Unless you meant "The overly slick style" – well, duh. Why should they use a style abandoned 20 years ago just because that's when the original film came out? By similar logic, we should still be shooting the majority of films in black and white.

      I dunno, just seems as if you're looking for reasons to hate it, and came up with one point no-one can clearly defend yet and another in which the opposite is actually true.

      • It seems that most Hollywood movies contain a love story in them these days, whatever the actual story line is about…
        However the second point bill made, I quite agree with. The whole look of the original Tron made it amazing. It all just looked so retro and more like the games of the time, as the graphics of games (though primitive) was better than what they could do with movies on the computers (And hence the effects had to be hand drawn) at that time. Now special effects within movies are much better and realistic than the graphics of most games. After seeing the trailers for the new Tron, I just feel it looks less like a computer game, and more realistic looking.
        I hope that makes sense to more people than just me…

        Oh, and on a side not, both pictures look like a starwars clock I had as a kid, which was based on some of the New Hope artwork. In the picture, it had luke standing, both hands holding his lightsabre pointing it straight up(with beam of light shooting straight up from it), with Leia standing to his side holding a gun… If you Google: star wars new hope poster, it shows a few variations.

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