Reasons Why People Hate Twilight [Graph]



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  1. This.

    I absolutely fucking hated Rob Pattinson for all he was worth until a year or so ago. And then I saw him on a couple of interviews, where he actually came across as a pretty nice guy, and realised I only hated how much he was idolised by the fans – don't get me wrong, I wasn't jealous at all; anything in the public eye gets tedious if it doesn't fade after a while.

    Hopefully he and the rest of the cast will have some bigger/better roles to give them a REAL break, away from all this madness.

    • Rob Pattinson only started out acting recently (Cedric Diggory in Goblet of Fire, first theatrical movie role) and only took the role of Edward because he wanted to get a jumpstart. From what I've heard, he hates the fans, and the books. But I think it'll be hard for him to get away from the role of Edward now because of all of the fans.

      I agree, because he's a good actor, and actually pretty cute with some skin colour.

  2. Or they worked at a movie theater and were forced to be polite to the fans for hours on end…

    A lot of people quit when they heard the second one was coming out…

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