Monday morning links serving: The November 1st edition

Microsoft moves away from Silverlight on the web to focus on HTML5
During last week’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC), ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley asked Bob Muglia, Microsoft’s SVP of the Server and Tools Business, why the company failed to highlight Silverlight in a meaningful way this year. His answer was rather surprising.

Geocities released in its entirety as a torrent, just under 1 TB
The entire contents of Geocities is to be released as a torrent – granting people access to a database of websites and content that should be considered a huge part of the internet’s history.

LimeWire Shuts Down After Losing RIAA Court Battle
The Gnutella-based download client LimeWire has ceased all its operations after a U.S. federal judge granted a request from the RIAA.

Miniature livers ‘grown in lab’
Scientists have managed to produce a small-scale version of a human liver in the laboratory using stem cells.

Children really do see things differently
CHILDREN do not see objects in a fully grown-up way until the age of 13, a new study suggests.

10 Hot Babes Dressed as Street Fighter Characters
Street Fighter has spawned comic books, card games, animated films and even two Hollywood movies (not to mention a million D-pad blisters), but one related medium is rather more interesting to look at for the hot-blooded fight fan: cosplay.

15 Films That Inspired Real Life Crimes


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