Halloween 2010: GAS’s Facebook Fans Costume Picture Compilation

Yesterday, when we asked our Facebook fans to send in pictures of their Halloween costumes, we never thought that so many would participate! While we simply can’t post them all (there was waaaayyyy to many for that), we can at least feature a few of the ones we liked best, just like the one above from our friends at Ball State University, Muncie, IN. Enjoy!

Now here’s one of the sexiest Catwoman costumes I’ve ever seen

Stephen as The Doctor with Omar, his giant leprechaun friend

Long time Geeks are Sexy reader Rebecka as a Gamer Ninja

Jamie from Babylon Fading, who’s about to run to the rescue of a poor soul.

Chrissy as Venom

Reece as Two-Face

Geeks are Sexy friend Athena dressed as a zombie Snow White

Jade dressed as a beautiful Gypsy

And her brother Raphael as The Mad Hatter

Vannessa as a very sexy Kitana

Saki, who’s about to ambush somebody

Joseph about to get run through by his ninja son

Bryan as Wolverine

Heather as Tank Girl

Margaret’s son, dressed up as General Grievous

John cosplaying as Jack Sparrow

Amanda as Lady Vader

Shox, who makes a very convincing dork!

Noah and friend – Sith vs. Jedi

Jennifer as Coraline, with an awesome Jack Skellington by her side

Edit: Here are a few additional pictures that were uploaded after we published this post.

Yikes! Huong as some kind of vampire nurse. Those eyes are totally freaking me out.

Ashley as Ramona Flowers vs. her friend as Roxy Richter

Jordan the pizza boy. This one is for all you ladies who complained that we never feature half naked guys in our content.

Dana as American Mcgee’s Alice

Beth as a lady Pirate. Yarrrrrr!

Logan 9000 and The Ethanator

Well, that’s enough for this year folks!


19 Responses to Halloween 2010: GAS’s Facebook Fans Costume Picture Compilation

  1. I love being a geek! And after see some of those really attractive, sexy women up there in those pics I feel EVEN better! I'm not a perv but I do really like looking at beautiful things (not that women are "things", I just meant that by saying all the things in the world "things", lol : ) )

  2. The chicks were almost all hot, the men- except for pirate Joseph and Omar, were disappointing =( Whenever you have a sexy geeks list you put the most subpar looking guys up here. Us lady geeks like a little eye candy too.

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