WTF: Man Turns Taxidermied Goats Into Bagpipes

Yep, you read that headline right. Behold:

A little creepy, isn’t it?

[Via Urlesque]


17 Responses to WTF: Man Turns Taxidermied Goats Into Bagpipes

  1. Must be awkward around the office water cooler. Everyone else is talking about "Glee" or the big game, and you volunteer that you spent much of the evening blowing your goat.

  2. Bagpipes in the Balkans are always made of animal skins. There is nothing creepy, sick or disturbing in that. It is disturbing that lack of culture would produce such responses, though.

  3. You are all children in a very old world. This is a type of bagpipe which is very old and traditional as far back as Greece, and noted in Balkans, Greek, Turkish, and Italian history. Sorry you are all so uneducated as to be afraid of this. Next time you bite into your big mac, think about what the animals melded into it went through to allow for your obesity.

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