What a Television is For [Graph]



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  1. HAHA F**king classic! I'm sitting here next to my room mate, both on our laptops, and the TV is on in the background right now.

  2. Bah you got the watching t.v. part and the playing video games mixed up! I hate t.v.! Only have it on cause I forget to turn it off when the kids stop watching it :p

  3. I have to say that since I've started uni, I've missed TV. Reason…the background noise.

    Now I'm forced to listen to my DVDs, of which I am interested in, distracting me from work!

  4. I've gotta admit that back in August, while staying at a friend's without my laptop, was the first time I watched as-scheduled TV since December '08. So that's 20 whole months of only watching downloads, DVDs and Tivo'd stuff. And I can't say I felt like I missed out whatsoever.

  5. Hahaha, that graph is pretty much the truth but have to add another reason, background noise while sleeping. Actually, it may be a background noise for a while but for bloggers, they have been getting their ideas on TV while it is on a background mode.

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