Monday morning links serving: The October 25th edition

What the Internet Knows About You
Imagine that a company could use the Web to rate your health, your employability—even your dating appeal. Welcome to the credit score of the future.

Google engineer develops Facebook Disconnect to protect your online privacy
About two years ago, Facebook launched Facebook Connect, a service that allows third party websites to leverage Facebook data by allowing their users to connect their Facebook profile with the website for deeper integration.

10 Jobs Wrecked by Tech
Technology can enrich lives. It can also end careers. Here’s a list of ten professions that are either dead or dying, thanks to recent advances in technology.

Apple Reveals OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) With New Features: Ships Summer 2011
When Apple said “Back to the Mac,” they meant it. The company was talking software this week at their mega event, with Mac OS X 10.7 being the star of the software show.

10 geek sins that will get your geek card revoked
We’ve put together a list of 10 of the worst transgressions for any geek. Doing any one of these will put your geek credentials at risk. Do two of them and your geek card immediately gets revoked.


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