Fake Science: How Do Cakes Rise?

Edit: Just got an email from someone saying it was irresponsible of us to post this here, so for all you people with no brains: DON’T DO THIS AT HOME. Mercury is highly poisonous!

[Via Fake Science]


7 Responses to Fake Science: How Do Cakes Rise?

    • If a kid sees this add and finds a jug of mercury to pour into a cake then this joke should be the least of his parents worries. The kid is obviously an imbecile with access to an oven.

      Some people are disgustingly PC.

  1. Why do people think this is irresponsible? It's not like people have giant gallon-sized jugs of mercury sitting around as a household item.

    • Exactly, and there aren't even that many households that still have mercury thermometers as well. Some people just need to settle down and learn to see a joke as just a joke.

  2. Kids definitely shouldn't pour mercury into cake mix.

    Kids, if you're reading this: Try rat poison instead – it'll stop household pests from eating your cake while it's cooling down :-) Thank me for the advice later.

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