For Geeky Storytime: “It’s a Book”!

Do you blog with it? Where’s the mouse? Does it need a password? What is this book thing?

Though award-winning illustrator Lane Smith’s new book has been on shelves since August, I hadn’t heard of it until I saw the NYT’s Children’s Books column touting it last week. As I happened to be in a children’s book shop yesterday (the magical Little Shop of Stories for any of you who may live in the Atlanta area), I picked up a copy and read it in just a few minutes.

It’s a book for kids (ages 4-8, though if you read the Amazon reviews you’ll see that some parents think it inappropriate for what that’s worth), but one that adults will enjoy for its cleverness and simple message. What if we get so “plugged in” that a future generation can barely even recognize that strange, rectangular object that doesn’t make noise or require a mouse or need to be charged?

Though probably the best bit of the book is this distillation of a scene in Treasure Island:

LJS: rrr! K? lol!
JIM: : ( ! : )

Maybe it’s appropriate that the picture book is really the sort that doesn’t translate well to a Kindle at all – and not really even an iPad despite best efforts. Sometimes you just need a book!