Come See the Deader Side of Sears

Do you need to tone your legs while you lumber? Or maybe keep your brains cool? Or get the blood stains out of your clothes? Apparently zombie shoppers are welcome… at Sears.

If you had asked me “Which major retailer is going to make a major push toward hitting the undead demographic”, I am pretty sure that Sears would not have been at the top of my list. But in what looks like a pretty clever ad campaign, has turned into a one-stop shop for all your zombie needs. Like running shoes, refrigerators, and washing machines. And don’t forget exercise equipment.

I kind of want this campaign to be hugely successful to encourage more cleverness like it. I’m not sure the “Sears” demographic and the “Zombie Enthusiast” demographic overlapped that much, but maybe the whole point is for them to wedge into the growing undead marketplace.  I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that pitch meeting.  I hope some geeky college intern was behind it.

Oh, and check out @zombieshopper on Twitter: “Can’t find my arm today. #FML.” I hear they sell those at Sears now.

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