AWESOME: Tron-Inspired LED Watch

Occasionally, our friends at Tokyo Flash accept concept watch designs from their fans and showcase them on their blog. If enough people show interest, they try and turn the concept into a real product. Check out the one they recently put up on display.

Now all I have to say is: OMG I WANT THIS SO BAD.

If you’d be interested in wearing something like that, be sure to visit this page, rate the product and hit the “yes” button under “Would you buy this product?”


6 Responses to AWESOME: Tron-Inspired LED Watch

  1. this clock is one of my favorites, the TRON’ design is amazing, perhaps the unique defect that I see it is that the design of the light in the strap breaks the style of tron, perhaps with lambda-type but processed but maintaining the TRON style, nevertheless even so I would buy it.

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  2. The best Christmas present in the world. however if i do not get one by june i might gust have to get a watch that DOESNT stand out in a AWESOME way.

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