Happy Birthday Slave Leia… I mean Carrie Fisher

While there may be “no underwear in space“, there is one star who’s outfit has set the bar for sexy geeks for the past 3 decades.

But let’s celebrate and think about actress Carrie Fisher for more than just her contribution to the fantasy lives of young men. She has had a number of other great roles (and not so great roles), as well a rowdy reputation that she outlines in her recent book Wishful Drinking.

““I am truly a product of Hollywood,” Fisher writes. “I’m a product of Hollywood inbreeding. When two celebrities mate, something like me is the result. I grew up visiting sets, playing on backlots, and watching movies. In consequence, and for a few other reasons, I find that I don’t have a conventional sense of reality. (Not that I’ve ever had much use for reality—having spent much of what I laughingly refer to as my adult life attempting to wave it away with drug use.)”

Happy Birthday to you, sexy, crazy space princess!

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