Amazing Ukrainian Parkour Dog Pwns Damien Walters

Sure, Damien Walters’ acrobatic showreels are pretty epic, but when it comes to parkour, this dog just pwns the poor man out of existance. Ok, I may be exagerating just a bit, but you have to admit that what this dog is doing is pretty amazing.

[Via Reddit]


2 Responses to Amazing Ukrainian Parkour Dog Pwns Damien Walters

  1. Amazing dog! It is well trained and can actually be included as aK9 if trained for police work. I hope my Rottweiler can also be trained like that, stop playing and be serious once in a while.

  2. I enjoyed everything about the video; the music,various places, and heights the extradordinary dog,TreT, was able to endure! If I owned a dog, I would appreciate a friend like Tret; I don't think my 2 cats would be able to handle the competition of an athletic dog. haha-Thank you for sharing.

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