Another Tablet Has Landed: Samsung Galaxy Tab Available from Verizon November 11

While the iPad has been the mover and the shaker of the tablet world since its launch, there have been many rumors and unanswered questions about other tablets entering the market. Some have come and gone with little fanfare, others have been but speculation. Now, Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy Tab is hoping to rise to the challenge of the iPad, launching this November 11 through Verizon for a purported $600. (Which makes the whole iPad/Verizon announcement seem a little odd in comparison, doesn’t it?)

Although the reviews aren’t in yet, as this was just announced, CNET—of course—is already fiddling with it. Their early impressions are that the Galaxy Tab, at a smaller 7″ display, is significantly easier to hold than the iPad, making reading a more enjoyable and booklike experience. However, the web browsing isn’t in the same realm as the iPad, and has plenty of room for improvement.

The Galaxy Tab has an extensive (advertisement-heavy) website, purporting its amazing capabilities set to a hipster soundtrack—of course, what else?—so you can see for yourself. Here’s what their ad copy has to say about what the Galaxy Tab has to offer:

Why did Samsung make a 7” Tablet—because we’re into mobility and know that people are looking for compact communication and entertainment devices they can slip in their pocket and bring on the go. The GALAXY Tab is always connected, lightweight and smart. Its exceptional screen is designed for reading books and magazines, watching movies and playing games. The GALAXY Tab tablet builds on the rich content experience provided by the Galaxy S line of Android smart phones.

Any of you out there tempted? Personally, the price seems a little hefty to me, considering the smaller size. But that’s also without seeing it. My experiences so far with the iPad have been decent, but not exactly world-altering (as some people I know believe). I like the smaller size of the Galaxy Tab, and while it certainly took its aesthetic right out of the Apple handbook, I think it’s got promise.

Let us know what you think about the Galaxy Tab–is this something you see yourself purchasing any time soon? Is this an iPad killer? Or is the tablet war a losing battle for anyone who’s not Apple?

[Image: Samsung]