Worst Pizza of All Time

Just when you thought that that sorry Japanese excuse for a Pizza was the worst pizza of all time, these guys come along to prove us wrong. Behold:

Ronald McDonald, Wendy, A&W bear, Taco Bell Dog and Colonel Sanders have a wild orgy covered in tomato sauce on some dough under cheese. This pizza is their baby.

[Via Buzzfeed]


5 Responses to Worst Pizza of All Time

  1. Awesome, I want a slice of it. It is not the worst pizza ever as it sure looks yummy to me, notwithstanding those calories and fat that goes with it. But hey, you don’t eat this kind of pizza all the time, besides, a few hours of exercise will get those added calories and fats down the drain.

  2. Based on the fact there is a Tim Horton logo and French signs at the McDo, I guess that this video was shot in Quebec…………………………………………..

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