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Build a $200 Linux PC
If you need a second or third computer but money is tight, you don’t need to buy a full system. You can build a surprisingly speedy Linux PC that will excel at everyday tasks, and cost less than $200.

Blind man fitted with ‘bionic’ eye sees for first time in 30 years
A blind man who thought he would never be able to read again has had his vision partially restored after being fitted with a ‘bionic’ eye.

Why you see ‘Free Public WiFi’ in so many places
Almost anywhere you go these days (particularly at airports), if you check for available WiFi settings, you have a pretty good chance of seeing an ad hoc network for “Free Public WiFi.”

Top 10 Inventions Of 2010: ‘Garage Invention’ Awards
Many of the 2010 Popular Science invention winners actually did report having worked in their garages – literally. Popular Science recognizes the accomplishments of these independent inventors yearly in the June issue of its magazine. Here are the 10 winning inventions…

By the Numbers: How Android Is Taking Over
Google’s Android operating system has been a breakout success, quickly gaining worldwide market share among smartphones. Our infographic shows how Android has grown, the success of its app market, the sudden increase in customer acceptance and loyalty, and where we think it will be in 2014.


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