PC vs. Mac vs. Amigaaaaaaaa!

Oh Amiga, how I miss you!

So, do any of you guys still have their old Amiga box laying around somewhere?



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  1. Jep a A1200 with HD and accelator card ! And it still works :)
    My old a500 (painted in grey with sand …) and audio-level meters is dead however :(

  2. Yep, still got my old A500 in it's original box, tho the internals are actually a later board than it originally came with, my original developed a weird fault where 3D graphics would have shadows on them, but pushing one of the chips on the board would retify it , LOL. That little upgrade (from some random computer fair) got me the heady delights of Workbench 2.0 :)

    Still a great machine, and the games, tho obviously 20 years behind in terms of graphics etc, are still some of the most enjoyable I've ever played.

  3. I see some fellow Amiga fans have crawled out from under their bunker in the woods. I had one too. Had a 500 with (eventually) one of those addon 20MB hard drives along with an additional half-meg of ram. Jesus. Hand me my calmatives; I'm going to have a lie down.

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