Ron Moore in Talks to Reboot The Wild, Wild, West Series

TV is quickly becoming my favorite form of media delivery these days, with film taking the back seat by a mile. I’d far prefer getting invested in a series than putting all my hopes and dreams in a few hours of film, only to come up disappointed and upset that I can’t actually get my money back. In recent years I’ve fallen in love with series that manage to captivate my imagination and titillate my geeky side, but probably none so much as the new Battlestar Galactica. I can even forgive the show for its lukewarm ending because everything else about it was mind-blowing to me. The acting, the storyline, the philosophy, the James Callis

Anyway. Those of you who pay attention might remember I’m sort of a steampunk gearbrain, so you can imagine my absolute moment of squee when I heard the rumor that, according to Entertainment Weekly, Ron Moore, the mastermind behind the new BSG series, is in the planning stages to put together a new version of The Wild, Wild, West. The TV series. (You might also note that I’ve got quite a thing for cowboys, in general.)

I’m willing to bet that in the steampunk community you’d be hard-pressed to find a film that stirs as much ire as the rebooted film The Wild, Wild, West—you know the one I’m talking about, with Will Smith and Kevin Kline and that horrendous mechanical spider (which, even my dad complained about, and he’s not even into steampunk). That film is reviled. It had so much potential. And hey: it’s kinda pretty. The aesthetic is there at times, especially in the set design and costumes. But having tried to watch it a few months ago and failed to make it through even the first fifteen minutes, I can assure you it is a crime against film-making.

The original series was far cooler, but it’s definitely dated. Finally enough time has passed since the awful movie that we can start again.

And hearing this, well, I was physically jumping up and down. If I could have picked anyone to give The Wild, Wild, West the proper treatment it would be Ron Moore. Steampunk has suffered in movies and television for time out of mind, with directors always opting for camp and cuteness—or just implausibility in general—and forgetting the stories and the philosophical tensions that are so inherent in the genre. Yes, these grown up topics can be translated to a larger audience, as Moore has proved. And it’ll be damn fine, too, if it gets the greenlight. I’m thinking a grittier, sexier, darker approach, with lots of cool guns and inventions. And don’t start me daydreaming about the casting…

Yes, at the moment this is just rumor. I understand that there’s a chance it might not happen at all. But I am going to be waiting with bated breath for news on this, and I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. I'm just now finally watching the Deadwood series – and loving it! So, I'm definitely in the mood for more western stuff. Something that combines the gritty, political nature of Deadwood with a sensible dash of the whizbangery from Wild Wild West would be very cool. I can suspend disbelief, but only if it's something worth hangin' my 10 gallon hat on, y'know.

  2. I guess it's counter-productive to want them to hold off until Nathan Fillion is done with Castle, so he can be Jim West. With Alan Tudyk as Artemis Gordon? Yeah, I'd watch that.

    I've seen a couple interviews with Will Smith in which he bitched that the WWW movie was a total bait and switch for him. He signed on based on a much cooler script. He explicitly did not want any reference to his race at all, and absolutely hated the rhetoric they put in Kenneth Brannaugh's mouth. But the studio changed a LOT of things very late in development, late enough that he couldn't afford to break his contract.

  3. Can we start the campaign for Nate Fillion as Jim West? And too bad Karl Urban has made the leap to the big screen, because he'd make a great Artemus Gordon (not dissimilar to Leonard McCoy). And of course, Peter Dinklage was born to play Dr. Lovelace. Make this happen people!

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