Battlestar Galactica Character Alignment Chart [Pic]

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  1. I wouldn't assume that at all. Lee's done things like pull guns on people and throw subterfuge at any cost if it's what he thinks is right. Sure, he'll use the law when it's appropriate but damned if he cares if it doesn't.

    And I would completely switch Cain and CapSix. Cain is Chaotic Neutral completely. She allows rape and torture to go on, which I'm pretty sure isn't something that's considered "lawful" by the enlightened citizens of the colonies. And CapSix does a lot of stuff that can only be done through the "proper channels," and she does it all for her God, so it can be subjective-good.

    I dunno, I like this, but there was a lot of nuance to the characters that doesn't fit in this I think.

    Also I'm sperg'ing about BSG again. I'll shut up now. (I do enjoy whenever BSG stuff is posted however!)

  2. No flippin' way that Baltar is "true neutral". He's the essence of chaos. Just because he can't make up his mind to be evil or not is irrelevant…

  3. I think Cain is lawful evil because her uncompromising execution of laws/protocol to fulfill her vision of a greater good. The use of the torturing or raping Cylons is not against any human law either. Remember that Cylons are widely (though wrongly) considered machines… so it may be weird or distasteful to rape or torture a household appliance it is certainly not unlawful :)

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