Sexy Chewbacca Costume [Pic]

Yep, you read that right geeks: a sexy Chewbacca costume. Behold:

Hit the jump if you want to see the costume from the back.

[Source: Yandy]

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    • The idea here is that it is taking the if you are Nerdy enough to want to dress like Chewbacca then you must look like a troll and saying Nay!
      But I do agree, most women wouldn’t be able to fit in that comfortably.

      • Oh, I understand the idea. And I don’t even find it offensive, at least not as a feminist. It is my inner nerd saying “No, you do NOT look like a Wookiee, you look like you are trying too damn hard.”

        I can think of 3 sexy Star Wars costumes off the top of my head that do not do horrible things to the source material: Slave Leia; Padme Amidala in strategically-torn arena clothing; and a Twi’lek dancing girl from Jabba’s Palace.

    • Because, if it were a dress, it would be formal-wear. If it were full length, it would be for a ball or a wedding, or 1930s society. And within exception of you, most women I know dress for attention. Thanks for being different. ;)

  1. She's hot, but only girls like her would look good in that. Most girls who know what a wookie is wouldn't look like that. No offense to anyone. Also, you can see her pink string where the bottom piece ties, a true wookie wouldn't wear a string.

  2. i got this its cute, so its slutty cause shes not a fat girl? since when do all geeks need to be fat? im 5'2 and 109lbs, my bf seems fine with this coustume for halloween…ugh bitter fat girls, go jog

    • The girl's size has nothing to do with how 'slutty' the costume is – it's more the fact that the laces down the front don't really allow for underwear and the skirt itself is only half an inch above her business. As for geeks, we can be sexy at any size and a lot of us are not fat.

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