Metroid’s Samus Aran with Bunny Ears [Pics]

A few days ago, we wrote about Samus Aran parading at a burlesque show somewhere in LA, and now, here she is dressed as a bunny. But “why would Samus wear something as ridiculous as bunny ears” I hear you ask. And the answer is: this particular incarnation of Samus Aran is cosplayed by Jessica Nigri, who seems to like putting ears of all sorts on top of her head. Don’t ask me why, she just does. Hit the Jump for additional pics of Jessica.



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  1. she is a better samus aran than that other one was the other day and she went for zero suit aswell so extra props for that … Also Kudos for the Pikachu cosplay to as that is the best one iv ever seen =D

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