A Personality Test for Gamers

Okay, we’ve all seen those personality tests which supposedly measure what type of person you are, the most common one being the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which was based on the theories of Carl Jung, and the least common one being “What type of hat are you?

BrainHex logoThis personality test, created by International Hobo, is designed to see what type of gamer you are – that is, what type of challenges that you look for when you play video games, and therefore what types of games make you happy.

One of the things that I noticed was that while my old roommate and I were both avid gamers, we only rarely enjoyed the same games. I liked Half Life 2 but not Halo; he liked Shadow Complex but not Splosion Man, I liked Oblivion but not Fable, and he did vice versa. And he really didn’t understand why I’d play through Arkham Asylum on “Easy” then go on to play an impossibly hard retro game like MegaMan 9.

We were just different types of gamers – he would probably be more of an “Achiever” type, while I usually end up on the Socialiser side of the scale.

Anyway, this type of classification is useful in finding out what games will engage you, specifically, rather than just be generally “good.”

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