Metroid’s Samus Goes Burlesque

One of geekdom’s ultimate fantasy women, Metroid star Samus Aran, was recently seen in various stages of undress at a burlesque show in L.A. For those of you with sensitive eyes, don’t worry, you won’t see Samus (as performed by Courtney Cruz of The Devil’s Playground) completely naked in this post, just very lightly clad. Enjoy the pics! ;)



12 Responses to Metroid’s Samus Goes Burlesque

  1. Eh…to me, this isn't Samus Aran. Just someone in a power suit trying to milk off of a childhood hero.

    But I am kind of depressed right now, so take that as a subjective opinion

  2. Honestly, on the first few pictures, it looked like those hyper-realistic sci-fi paintings you find on awesome science fiction collections.

    I'm kind of disappointed they aren't.