Aperture Science is Looking for Lab Rats [PIC]



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  1. Hmm….called it. It dumps you into a IVR that sounds like it's voiced by the guy who does the voice of Isaac Kleiner maybe, though I haven't played in far too long, could be a sound-a-like. Gives a bunch of prompts for things you'd expect from a large company (referring to itself as Valve), and lets you leave a voicemail if you like.

    I smell Portal 2 beta shenanigans…

  2. Relatively unrelated, except for the Portal themed comment, but oh well:

    I absolutely cannot wait until they make a Portal movie. If they don't go overboard with the action and simply make it a sci-fi drama like Moon, it'd be awesome. Have Wheatley in it as the GERTY-like role and you're all set.

    Basically follow the plot of the first game, but with Wheatley involved; Chell wakes up, not remembering her past and is set to work in complex, yet sterile, 'mazes'. Meanwhile, she attempts to break free without arousing the suspicions of GLaDOS.

    And then you could throw in a movie-only twist, such as Chell is a clone (though I guess if you're gonna have a tiny cast in a sterile, lonely environment, you'd want it to be as different from Moon as possible), or maybe simply selectively-bred to potentially take on a bigger task in the future against her will.

    I can near-enough guarantee it'd get a whole new audience to Portal; I personally have never even played it, but as you can probably tell, I'm more than interested in the story of the game and find it highly intriguing.

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