Putting your hand in the Large Hadron Collider

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your hand if you would put it inside the LHC while it’s running? The people from the Sixty Symbols project have asked the very same question to some of the LHC’s top scientists. Check it out:

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    • Physics is the soule of uncertainty. Nothing is the truth. It's only models that approximate the truth to our level of satisfaction. If the model doesn't satisfy our needs in approximating the truth, then we try to come up with a new model.

      The day you hear a scientist saying he speaks the absolute truth is the day you should be scared.

  1. I'm really not sure if I had to do such a stupid thing that I would have put my hand there but considered the size of a collider, probably a entire human body ! Considering the particles physics, it's very unpredictable…

  2. I'm not surprised that these guys are so uncertain – they're working at such an abstract theoretical level that it only has a glancing relationship to what we consider "reality".

    I suspect it would subtract your intrinsic field.

  3. Okay, fair enough you can't know what'd happen if you put flesh into a science experient. It's a bit like asking what'd happen if you fed your computer a sandwich – it's something that just hasn't been planned for nor is practically possible.

    BUT, one of them said "I don't know the energy density". … … What the fuck? Isn't that basically kinda the POINT of the experiment? To measure the amount of energy in it?

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