Adventure Theatre’s Awesome Lightsaber Adventures

Erin Steenson teaches kids how to handle a lightsaber at Adventure Theatre’s Lightsaber Adventures. Wish there was something like this near the place I live… I know my kids would have a blast participating! Unfortunately, at $300, the price is a little steep, but i’d probably end up enrolling them anyways.

Bring your young Jedis to Adventure Theatre’s one-of-a-kind stage combat workshop. Join professional stage combat instructor and Jedi Master as he or she instructs our Younglings in the ways of the Force. From simple tasks to challenging missions, Master will guide apprentices so that they may learn such important skills as awareness of one’s surroundings, cooperation in crisis and respect for one’s self and for others equally.This class will teach lessons in safety, focus, spatial awareness, teamwork and self-discipline all within a safe framework of basic stage combat movement.

[Via TDW | WAPO]


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