Inspirational Video of the Day: My 120 Pound Journey

One year ago, Ben Davis was severely overweight and depressed. One day, instead of feeling miserable about himself, he decided to do something about his situation: He started running. Today, he’s 120 pounds lighter and happy again. This video chronicles his journey.

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  1. Sigh. Looks like this guy topped at 300lbs, max. I'm not impressed.

    I topped at 665lbs in 2008, and I'm currently at 470 and dropping. I changed my diet, started counting calories and fat, and joined a water aerobics class.

    I haven't don…e any running, because having 665lbs on your knees and ankles tends to f*** them pretty hard, especially when you fall on stereo equipment. This guy might have been starting to have joint problems at 300lbs, but it obviously wasn't enough to keep him from running.

    I understand his message: If you set your mind to it, you can achieve your goals. Quite often, however, for people of the overweight variety, the mind is willing, but the flesh cannot cope. It took me nearly giving myself a heart attack to start on my weight loss by walking every day for thirty minutes at 650lbs.

    So for those of you looking for inspiration, my point is find a way to achieve your goals that won't kill you. For those of you who want to jump on my case, I just watched my dog catch an own mid-flight and eat its head Ozzy-style. Your argument is hereby rendered irrelevant.

    • I am 180 and cannot run, so don't feel bad about that. :D I've dropped a little over 20 lbs since the beginning of the year (not a lot, but I'm not done yet!) by making myself exercise almost every day. I tried to start running, but my knees are so trashed due to injuries sustained in my teens. I ran for a week and then couldn't walk for two. I was very upset when the doctor told me to stop trying to run or risk knee replacements in my 30's. I wanted to do a 5K at the end of the year and had to readjust my goals. Now I do elliptical training, resistance with free weights, and the occasional aerobics class. My next goal is to overhaul my eating habits which will be hard since we are heading into the candy and holiday season. Ugh!

  2. i usto weigh 310 now i am 260 still have a ways to go but not giving up :-) i fractured my foot a minor set back but i can and will do it weight is a emotional journey

  3. Like many others, I was and still am obese. I was close to if not 350 lbs (I weighed myself at 342lbs in February, but I know I gained more after that) , but on March 27 ( just under six months ago) I decided it was time for a change. I cut back on my food intake and limited sweets and junk food to a fraction of what it was previously. I started slow with walking, building muscles in my legs. In June I started lifting light weights for tone and hopefully to prevent the dreaded skin sagging. For every 10 pounds lost I give myself a treat–a glass of expensive port, and or the chance to try on a piece of clothing that has not fit in years.

    I am now 255 lbs, can run 8 miles without a break, do a mile in a smidgen over 8 minutes and have way more stamina then I've had since I was 24 years old. I still want to lose another 35 pounds before I consider it a roaring success, but at this point, I have lost a staggering 25% of my body mass. In a perfect world I may be able to hit 200lbs again, but I don't know know realistic a goal that is for me.

    It's not easy, and some days I miss being lazy, sitting around drinking beer and stuffing my face with chips or some other junk food, but when I look at the size of my old pants or shirts, I know why I am in this fight.

  4. I know how hard it is to find that motivation and inspiration to make that first step to walking, or jog or to even get on a bike. But once you do find it, you'll never look back.

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