Public Restroom Rules [PIC]

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought public restrooms were gross. Oh there are exceptions of course: I was at Disney World back in May, and the public restrooms there are so clean, they make you feel as you could almost drink directly from the urinals… almost! But if you’re NOT Disney World, here’s a sign you might want to put up on display in your restrooms. Who knows, it might actually make a difference.


[Via Nerdist]


8 Responses to Public Restroom Rules [PIC]

  1. That last one was totally wtf!
    What is that a shit and piss party.. and what's up with that girl shitting/pissing on the infant crawling beneath her?

  2. This is rich coming from a society that calls the toilet a 'restroom' then complains that people do inappropriate things in there. You wouldn't expect people to rest in there would you? Anymore than they would take a bath in a bathroom.

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