Monday morning links serving: The September 13th edition

7 Skills To Become Super Smart
People aren’t born smart. They become smart. And to become smart you need a well-defined set of skills. Here are some tips and resources for acquiring those skills.

Superhero Tattoos
Some pretty awesome superhero tattoos.

How to Cloudify Your Apple Life. Without Apple’s Help.
The dream is a single service that invisibly shuttles data to and from our phones and computers; streams an infinite jukebox of music and videos to every device we own; stores every photo and video we snap in the cloud.

Top 10 Things to Do with a New Windows 7 System
Whether you’ve just bought a new PC, upgraded to Windows 7, or reinstalled your OS, a just-installed system is a great opportunity to make some helpful changes and fixes.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Google Android Phone
If you’re like I was and are in the market to get an Android phone, you need to know some things about the cell phone services offering them with their plans.


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