Holy Crap that’s Awesome: Geek & Gamer Girls Music Video

Yeah, this is another one of those Caligornia Girls parodies… but this one is really, really cool. Apart from starring the four sexy geekettes from Team Unicorn, the video also features a rapping Seth Green, Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff, and legendary comic book writer Stan Lee. Check it out:

14 Responses to Holy Crap that’s Awesome: Geek & Gamer Girls Music Video

  1. Wait, so a group of ridiculously attractive girls in a pop group figured out that if they market to this specific demographic they would find success in the niche by making a slew of geek-culture references, and you don't find this disingenuous?

    facebook quote: "Holy Frak! Just saw a cut of the project…AMAZING!! Your guys' faces are going to melt off ala RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK!"

    c'mon… that's so punny, its insulting.

  2. quality of the movie: 8
    quality of the babes: 9
    quality of the lyrics: 3
    quality of the music: 1

    apart from the eyecandy, this sucked big time

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