Geeks are Sexy’s Sexy Facebook Fans [PICS]

I haven’t promoted our Facebook fan page on the site a lot since we actively started updating it about 6 months ago, but now I have a good reason: Our fan photo section. Not only is our community there really fantastic, but a good part of them are as sexy as they are brilliant. Here are a few of our most sexy and active fans.

Ashley as Powergirl

Jimmy as Bumblebee

Kirsten as a very sexy Misty

Jimmy once again with his awesome BSG tattoo

Bella Sin’s Transformers Tattoos

D. Arnold as the Terminator

Lauren, as one of the sexiest, and probably scariest, nurse I’ve ever seen

Lauren once again

Manda’s Batman Tattoo

Mary as Jessica Rabbit

Matt with a few of his awesome costumes

Rebecka, one of our Swedish fans

Scott, who seems to be in great company in this picture.

Edwin posing for the Substance magazine (Yeah, I confirmed it was really him before posting this here!)

Tyler pondering about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

There’s A LOT more directly over there, so I invite you all to check it out. Over 78,000 people have already “liked” our fan group, so why not visit the page and show us a bit of love? :)


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  1. Bella Sin should have gone to a GOOD tattoo ARTIST. Not some cheap scratcher! Those transformer tattoos are terrible. I should know, I worked in the tattoo business for over a decade, and I know some of the BEST, TRUE tattoo ARTISTS. Bella Sin, find you a reputable tattoo artist, look closely at some of their work in their portfolio (every real tattoo artist has one, or more) and look at the lines, look for even lines, proper coloring, and shading, etc. Just like you would look for in a good drawing or painting. And, get those tattoos fixed!

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