Donkey Kong Country Returns Song

Geeks are Sexy reader Angie just sent me this funny Donkey Kong song/music video her and her boyfriend recently created. Check it out, I thought it was pretty awesome.

Thanks Angie!


6 Responses to Donkey Kong Country Returns Song

    • Hell with autotune Billy the tongueless grunting Joe could hit number one on the track list. It's not music and talent any more.

  1. Rofl they put the banana eating girl there just to attract views.. can you hear the rumble in the djungle.. feminists are on the marsh.

    God damnit.

  2. yeah that was gross… talentless old people abusing autotune who can't get over their childhood arcade dreams… listen I know. my all time favorite game is still Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES, but I ain't making any cheap autotune greenscreen Ke$ha covers with flat chested girls who have stars on their boobs… no… no! NO!!!!

    • dutchster- you are aware that the girl is suppose to be Diddy Kong who has stars on his shirt like that? also i hope your aware this isn't a Ke$ha song. I think you need to do your homework before you post a dumb comment

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