Best Action Scene Ever!

Now this has to be among the most awesome action scenes I’ve ever seen. Check it out:

[Via Geekpress]


24 Responses to Best Action Scene Ever!

  1. Hooray for Bollywood!

    I can totally see Sylvester Stallone stealing that scene, shot for shot, to include in the yet unannounced "Cliffhanger II."

    • Have you seen Die Hard 4? Car takes out helicopter – Willis beat Stallone for the steal. And I'm pretty sure the sword/arm bit was in Sex in the City 2.

    • its a telugu movie "MAGADHERA" , google it ur most likely to find a torrent for the movie….
      for for everyone who thinks this is from bollywood, its actually from Tollywood, this industry specifically referes to Telugu movies( a language spoken in andra pradesh, India)

  2. Except that it is totally impossible for a helicopter to hover at an angle like that. It would move forward very quickly.

  3. That was badass. That the film makers attempted such a scene with the resources they had makes it more badass. Low-budget film-making rules.