Monday morning links serving: The September 6th edition

Back to the future: two years of Google Chrome
Today, we’re releasing a new stable version of Chrome that is even faster and more streamlined. Chrome is now three times faster than it was two years ago on JavaScript performance.

Another 10 Coolest Macbook Cover Designs
This set of decals cleverly make use of the prominent Apple logos found on each Macbook as the centerpieces of art.

Google will open source Google Wave
Contrary to popular belief, Google Wave is not quite dead.

Top 10 Fitness Tips and Tools
You can do a lot with your mind and a computer, but a healthy and honed body will get you even more out of life (if only more of it). Here are our favorite tips and tools for staying in shape.

5 Free Browser-Based P2P File Sharing Sites With No Size Limits
When I began to search the Internet for file sharing sites, I wasn’t sure what the easiest solution would be. What I found out was that there are quite a few file-sending options, but I had criteria.


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