The Evolution of the Star Trek Warp Drive Effect

A short video showing how the warp drive effect evolved starting from the very earliest Star Trek movies up to the latest ones. Enjoy!

[Via Gizmodo]


5 Responses to The Evolution of the Star Trek Warp Drive Effect

  1. i don't understand the distant flash of light. i ge the stretching of the ship, and the stars turing into lins, that shows momentum. but the distant flash of light confuses me. is that the warp equivalent of sonic boom?

  2. Wouldn't you just see a ship accelerating away from you, possibly warped due to the warping of space around it, but then just disappearing? You could never see light coming from it if it were traveling faster than light.

    Someone should use the Alcubierre warp equations to do some calculations on how a ship would appear as it travels in a warp bubble.

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