1990 vs. 2010 [Pic]

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  1. I miss one line : "Hold phone to radio and use Shazam to recognize the tune". Googling for it using 2 lines is SO 2009 ;)

  2. That's so 2008 :)

    – Hear great song
    – Shazam it
    …- Put it on repeat on spotify
    – Tweet about how great it is
    – Wikipedia band influences
    – Play band influences in spotify
    – Tweet about what rip-off the band actually was

  3. Or use SoundHound (instead of Shazam) to get the lyrics, artist info, influences, and links to YouTube vids. No Google necessary. And SoundHound let's you share your new earworm via email, Facebook, Twitter, or text message.

    Ok, so it's not free – and no, I don't earn a commission – but you need to try SoundHound for your iPhone or Android phone!

  4. Don't forget about sitting next to the radio all day to hear it again, ready to hit the 'record' button on your cassette player. That way you can play it back again and again to write down the lyrics and hope you got 'em right. ;D

    • Oh my! I so used to do that!! And sometimes trying to edit it to remove the commercials and being pretty mad if the DJ decided to talk over the song! Oh the memories :)

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