Monday morning links serving: The August 23rd edition

Psychologist Claims Today’s Superheroes Are Bad Influences On Children
Psychologist Sharon Lamb thinks that todays superheroes send the wrong messages to young boys.

WTF Star Wars Costumes
Some pretty crazy and funny Star Wars costumes.

Apple may be looking to lock out unauthorized iOS users
Apple has applied for a patent on a method to protect mobile devices from unauthorized access, including automatic data wiping, alerting the device owner of trouble, and photographing and geolocating an “unauthorized” user.

15 Facts About Net Neutrality [Infographic]
Net neutrality has taken up a lot of headline space over the last two weeks. There was the Goggle and Verizon thing, and then something happened with the FCC and some Congress members, and the French may have been involved somehow… Admit it, your eyes are glazing over aren’t they?

Top 10 Facebook Fixes
Facebook may be the de facto social network of, frankly, almost everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to use Facebook exactly the way its creators, or your Farmville-addicted friends, want you to. Here are 10 tweaks to make Facebook better.

Do you need a DNS upgrade?
Why would switching to a different DNS offer faster browsing? Well, think of the DNS server system as the big phonebook of the internet. When you go to a web address by name (, for example), the DNS server returns the actual IP address – this works similar to a phone book returning the phone number for a person’s name.


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