Sexy Geek Kari Byron Gets Own Science Show: Head Rush

Starting tomorrow, August 23rd, MythBusters’ sexy co-host, Kari Byron, will be hosting a new Science Channel show that will aim to get middle school kids excited about science. The show will air daily from 4 to 5pm with no commercial interruptions. Now how awesome is that?

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15 Responses to Sexy Geek Kari Byron Gets Own Science Show: Head Rush

  1. I can't be the only one thinking she'll have no problem making boys watch this show, can I? And I don't mean for the science content.

  2. middle-school kids? Yeah, right :D, all teenagers will love the show. Head Rush sounds good (if you know what I mean).

  3. So far, I don't think this looks as scientific as mythbusters is.
    She is just explaining phenomena while, on mythbusters they used the "scientific process" mutiple times per episode.

    I hope that this show keeps that feeling of true discovery, not just passing on known facts.

  4. Mythbusters again and again scoffs at the 'scientific process' it does not follow it at ALL. It is dumbed down science. They don't take into account multiple variables into the 'myths' and many many times they never have a control.

  5. Kari is awesome, yes, but an ART MAJOR! Let someone with a science degree ger the science dream job.