LOL: Pinup Robert Downey Jr.

File this under “… what?” and maybe “I love the Internet.” (Or “I hate the Internet” depending on your reaction.)

So it turns out that tumblr isn’t just for pic spams of hot girls, or pic spams of hot guys. Sometimes it’s for pic spams of hot guys’ heads photoshopped onto hot girls.

I have to hand it to the blogger here; her photoshop skills have gotten much better since starting the Pinup RDJ project months ago. (And yes, there are 25 pages of this.)

Also, if RDJ is not your cup of tea, try Pinup Celeb. But just remember: YOU CANNOT UN-SEE.

[Pinup RDJ]


7 Responses to LOL: Pinup Robert Downey Jr.

  1. Well, um, I love Robert Downey Jr in any movie he has ever been in. He is one truly gifted actor, producer and musician. He is also a very handsome man. I do know that RDJ didn't deserve this. This is just , just bad. (In my opinion). Your right, now I am 'blind' and I can not 'un-see' it ! Out of curiousity though, stupidly, I had to look.

    Being a professional artist myself though and a teacher. I have to say that I 'do' have a sense of humor, however (in my opinion only, guys) the person that did this art work is TRULY disturbed. I don't even think it can be considered art work. It is a poor attempt at computer graphics and imaging. Yikes. I have seen horror movies done with better taste. Wow. I mean, this is just ……….

  2. Casey, I should have stopped my curiousity at least an hour ago. I did pull up the individuals' site. Every person is diffferent I suppose. I don't really consider (in my opinion only) photo manipulation or photoshopping art. It is basically a trick used to create illusion and deception using a true artists' work and a photograph and placing them together. However, this person seems to have a following. So I have to give them Kudos and Credit for that. I wish them luck in their ventures. As an artist though and a fan of Robert's, I think I will probably now have nightmares for quite sometime to come.

  3. It's funny I have to admit but unless you like dudes in dresses it's… scary. I love RDJ, and especially as the sexy a-hole in Iron Man, he's a talented guy. but I don't think he derserves to be in a dress. But hey, it's the internet. Enjoy your free speech.

  4. He's not in a dress, he's in frilly undies! Get it right! Besides he's in a dress in Game of Shadows, he can't mind that much. Sure if I were a bloke and someone did that to me I'd be less than appreciative but you just take it as a joke.

  5. I am sure if Robert Downey Junior Sees this he will laugh out loud, because, unlike all the guys up here, he has true sense of humor. You guys only laugh when women are put in ridicule situations, but when your gender is in question, suddenly it isnt funny anymore! Let me laugh!!

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