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Why e-readers like Amazon Kindle will soon cost under $100
Late last month, Amazon unveiled a new version of its Kindle e-book reader that, like every new Kindle, is thinner, lighter, and smaller than the previous one. It’s also the cheapest Kindle ever—the new Wi-Fi version sells for just $139.

How to: Completely Functional R2D2 RC Robot
While having your own slave pet R2D2 has been a dream of thousands of Star Wars fans, one dedicated man made his own functional and extremely realistic R2D2 robot.

Top 10 Google Street View Photobombs (PICS)
In honor of yesterday’s epic “Dead Girl” Google Street Bomb, as reported by Gawker, we’ve put together a list of the top ten Google Street View Photobombs.

How a 16-Year Old Kid Made His First Million Dollars
His name: Christian Owens. His age: 16. He made his first million dollars in two years, “inspired by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs”. This is how he did it.

Android has now overtaken iPhone worldwide
Android is now larger than the iPhone on the world stage, analysts at Gartner said today. Google’s phone platform jumped to 10.6 million phones sold, or enough to overtake the iPhone and take 17.2 percent of the market.

13 Creative Cases for Gadgets
From the Gameboy iPhone Case to the Bacon Case. The coolest ways to keep scratches and marks off your gadgets.

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