$35 Tablet PC Prototype Video

Remember that $35 tablet computer we told you about a few weeks back? Well, it turns out that this thing isn’t only hot air: Here’s a video showing a fully operational prototype. Now let’s see if they can keep their promise and put it on the market for under $35.

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  1. "It runs Android, as opposed to the rumours that it was Linux based"
    and what is Android based on?

    Anyway I want one, shame it probably won't be avalible over here.

  2. @mrrix32: technically you're right: Android is Linux-based. But practically you do not have any "contact" with Linux at all.

    GNU/Linux serves only as some kind of "extended BIOS" for the Java platform they are using and (almost) all developers have to use.

    So you can title the Android platform as Java-based ;-)

  3. i believe android is based on linux right???
    either way ,, for $35 … u can get what ever u want from it basically,, with teh Wi-Fi downlaoding to a hard disk would be a doddle :)
    If i had on eof these i would spend my time stealing internet connections and downloading like a man man! :D

  4. How are they ever going to make any money from this? After costs, let's say they make an optimistic $10 per unit. Even selling a million units they will only make $10 million, which is not great – a million units is an astronomical number for a product like this, and of course if they can produce them so can other companies. They need to get these on the market ASAP and we'll surely all buy one at that price.

  5. I believe these things are funded by the government and its main purpose is to make pcs available for students who can't afford to buy the regular ones.

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