Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Cage

Remember how Isaiah Mustafa (better known currently as The Old Spice Man or, you know, the man your man could smell like) wants to play Luke Cage, since he’s a huge comics fan?

One way of going about this is to sit around and wait for Hollywood to call. You can also start a Facebook campaign (done). Or in this case you can hire some photographers/photoshop gurus and have them turn you into the character so the world can see what a good fit it is. This guy is serious about his casting goals.

10 Responses to Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Cage

  1. Well… If he's going to pull it off, he can't talk like the Old Spice guy, but more like a guy that came off the streets and actually did time. Because right now, I can't see Isaiah (in character) talking down Wolverine from butchering someone or leading the Avengers (as he is currently in the comics). However, part of the sell is the presence, and he certainly has it with the physique.

    Maybe Alyssa Milano can play Jessica Jones with Christian Kane as Iron Fist.

  2. F*** YES. I want to have that man's babies even more now…and I hate babies. I also don't usually date black men, but I'd totally break that rule for him.

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