Everything you need to know about fast food

Did you know that one fast food hamburger may contain meat from hundreds of different cows or that McDonald’s fries are flavored with unspecified “animal products?” Hit the jump for some other facts you might not know about the fast food industry.

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        • But it does. More locations means more employees means more chances for there to be shitty people working there. You'd be surprised how many locations don't have ANY problems whatsoever.

  1. I worked at McDonalds in the UK for 2 years between 1999-2001. Their burgers are 100% British beef and they only use free range eggs in their breakfast. Maybe the UK has different rules to the US or maybe this infographic is a load of mis-informed data past its sell-by date.

  2. Just because it says there are 100 different cows in the burger doesn't mean that they can't be British cows… Same goes for free range eggs, just because they're free range doesn't mean thay can't be augmented after they've been bought. Perhaps both you and the list are correct, and perhaps the UK is just awesome. Maybe if we could see the sources at the bottom of the list we could determine its authenticity.

  3. Highly dubious. You're just throwing in the names of scary-sounding chemicals without any context (or any mention that they are harmless in these quantities).
    Not impressed.

      • …and this is the type of thinking that lets these companies get away with the bullsh*t they do to their food. Bacon…18 ingredients? 50 chemicals to make Strawberry flavor? Not only is it not necessary , but its unsafe. Why is the cancer rate so high now? Why is the obesity rate so high? In your line of though Fuk: "I don't care if there is Arsenic in my food, cuz its only a little…" Then there is the fact that McDonalds was openly busted adding addictive chemicals to its food. Welcome to New America, land of the free range human cow…

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