Clarification: Demographic Data Needed for Geeks are Sexy

Earlier this week, we offered you to join a tech panel to help us compile demographic data on the site’s audience. For those who already joined, thank you, and for those who did not for fear that they would get spammed by us, keep on reading.

First, when a panelist joins he has to fill out a profile, which will put him in a certain category of people (Gamer, IT Pro, etc.). This will give me a strong understanding about exactly what kind of people visits G.A.S.

Then, OCCASIONALLY (you decide about the frequency), you will be invited to take some surveys. There is NO FORCING and NO SPAMMING. It’s all completely opt in. For these surveys, you will get paid. We’re not talking about sweepstakes here. A simple, short survey might give you $1, but for something more specialized, say blade servers, you might get something around $20. You can then cash that money out and get gift certificates / paypal gift cards / etc.

So no pressure, no spamming, and YOU decide the frequency at which you’re interested in participating to the panel. I hope this post helped clarify things a bit for those who thought that we would use their info for bad purposes.

Thanks everyone!

[Join our tech panel right here]

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