Monday morning links serving: The August 2nd edition

Internet Explorer 9 Beta to Arrive in September
Microsoft recently disclosed that version nine of its Internet Explorer Web browser will have a beta release in September.

Droid X vs. iPhone 4: Spec Smackdown
From camera & multimedia to storage, take a look at the specs for the new Motorola Droid X and the latest iPhone 4.

Intel develops first photonics-based, 50Gbps chip
Intel provided a peek at the future of processors today by revealing the first instance of a chip using complete photonics to send data.

Do You Know Who’s Watching You? (Infographic)
On the Internet you have far less privacy than you think you do.

25 Star Wars Demotivational Posters
In case you are a Star Wars fan, you should enjoy these demotivational posters. Even if you are not, today’s demotivators will still make you smile.

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