Monday morning links serving: The July 26th edition

Twitter: We’ll Stop Breaking Soon, We Swear
Twitter wants you to forget the fail whale. The service has struggled to deal with its rapid growth and the problems that arise as a result, but the company hopes that a new data center and some innovative back-end solutions will help hasten updates and reduce downtime.

We Will Run Out of IP Addresses Within the Next 12 Months
Don’t panic, but we’re running out of internet addresses.

Amiga: 25 Years Later
Let’s hear it for the greatest cult computer of them all, which debuted a quarter-century ago.

Apple pulls Droid X into antenna battle
Apple escalated its war on its competitors’ antenna claims with a new comparison against the Droid X. Despite Motorola claiming in a full page ad that the Droid X’s dual antennas made it immune to reception problems, Apple shows a tight bottom grip killing the phone’s signal entirely.

Star Wars never looked so real
These pictures show how Star Wars would look like if it took place on Earth.


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