REMINDER: Send Us Your Comic-Con Pictures!

You may recall that last year after Comic-Con we scoured Flickr for some of the best pictures from the event. Which isn’t exactly a chore as far as looking through a ton of neat photographs goes – and living vicariously through those of you who can actually be there.

But since we’re sure that some of you [GAS] readers will be there, we’d love to feature some of your favorite pictures in a post-con roundup. And we promise we’re not just looking for metal bikinis and scantily-clad super heroines (though those are perfectly acceptable). Send us a picture of the craziest or the coolest or the scariest or the sexiest thing you see! Pictures of other people or pictures of yourself. Pictures of the insane crowds.  Pictures of celebrities holding up signs pronouncing their love of geeks. Whatever you con-goers happen to snap that you think your fellow readers would dig.

And bear in mind that our posting an image doesn’t mean we steal your copyright – you’re just giving us permission to use it and no one else. Though if you would like to let other people use it, just pick a Creative Commons license and we’ll note it in the post.

So send us your Comic-Con pictures! Just email them to [email protected] before the end of the day on Wednesday, July 28. We probably won’t be able to post them all, but we will post our favorites – and in fact, we’ll give $20 to 3 of our very favorites out of the pictures we receive (Via Paypal only!).  So be creative!

And for those of you who, like me, will be nowhere near the action, tune in at the end of next week to see the results.

[Image Source: mirka23 (CC)]


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