Comic Con 2010 Cosplay [Pics]

Just like last year at the end of Comic Con 2009, we scoured Flickr for some of the best CC cosplay photography of the event. Once again, we were not disappointed. By the way, these pictures are not the ones we asked you guys to send last week. You have until Wednesday for that. Must we remind you that we’re giving away a few prizes for this?

KitanaScott the Hobo (CC)

Captain AmericaCynr (CC)

Iron GirlScott the Hobo (CC)

Tusken RaiderSan Diego Shooter (CC)

Black WidowChristopher Frier Brown (CC)

Cammy (Street Fighter) – Christopher Frier Brown (CC)

HawkmanYGX (CC)

Baroness and FriendsChristopher Frier Brown (CC)

Baroness and Blackcat discussing world dominationYGX (CC)

ScorpionSan Diego Shooter (CC)

Batman & CatwomanArnold Tijerina (CC)

RogueSan Diego Shooter (CC)

KlingonSan Diego Shooter (CC)

Obligatory Slave LeiaGreyloch (CC)

TF2 SoldierSan Diego Shooter (CC)

Braaaaainnn!Gina Trapani (CC)

SuperGirlJoe Wilcox (CC)

The Rocketeerdownbeat (CC)

TF2 Girlsrussellpwirtz (CC)

DraeneisRome Romz (CC)