Comic-Con News: Link Round-Up

Even if you weren’t at Comic-Con this past weekend, you probably saw a good bit about it – especially on Twitter. Though if you missed some of the excitement, here are a few tidbits from around the web, as a follow-up to our earlier more in-depth coverage.

Avengers casting. In what seems to be one of the biggest moments from the con, the Avengers panel surprised everyone by assembling the entire cast. They came out one by one, including director Joss Whedon. So the line-up for the 2012 movie is: Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, and Mark Ruffallo as The Hulk.

Green Lantern news. i09 posted this list of 10 awesome things they learned about the new Green Lantern movie. Including that the recent image of the costume is only a “work in progress.” Phew! Though my personal favorite Green Lantern moment would have to be when Ryan Reynolds recited the oath for an adorable kid.

New music video for The Guild. Attendees of the panel for The Guild webseries were treated to a sneak peak of the new Bollywood-style music video hitting the web next week, a follow-up to last year’s smash hit Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?. And if you were hoping for more news about Felicia Day, here’s something: She’ll be appearing in a 10-episode arc in the SyFy series Eureka, alongside Guild co-star Wil Wheaon (and if you doubt their chemistry, just have a look at this.) Oh, and the SyFy premiered the trailer for the upcoming werewolf original movie Red.

Super Heroes vs. Westboro Baptist Church. Following news that Fred Phelps’ infamous protesters would be on hand at Comic-Con, groups of con-goers brandishing signs with tongue-in-cheek slogans like “God Hates Jedi” and “Kill All the Humans” staged their own counter-protest across the street. Geeks are love!

Pacey-Con. File this under ‘utterly random.’ Apparently Joshua Jackson, now in the hit show Fringe but once known for playing everyone’s favorite boyfriend Pacey on Dawson’s Creek, was outside the con “staging his own ‘Pacey-Con’, giving out fan fiction he wrote and getting pictures with the women, all while the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ theme music played on a boom box.”

Glee does Rocky Horror. The Glee panel revealed some themes for next seasons’ shows, including a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode. And as you may have already heard, there’s going to be a Britney Spears episode as well, featuring ditzy cheerleader Brittany.

Nikita debuted. The CW show premiered its pilot, which is apparently closer to J.J. Abrams’ Alias than the previous La Femme Nikita series. The verdict, according to the show’s star: “Dudes are gonna love it.”

Johnny Depp teases Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Unlike last year, Johnny Depp wasn’t available in person since he’s off filming PoTC 4, but someone in the audience captured this video of his on-screen introduction to the new film, which may or may not include the fountain of youth, cut-throats, mermaids, zombies, and Penelope Cruz.

Of course, you know what they say about cons… it’s all fun and games until someone gets stabbed in the eye. :(

[Image Source: hawaii (CC)]

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