HOW TO: Make Glow Stick Liquid at Home [Video]

In the following video, Youtube user NurdRage shows you how you too can make glow stick liquid at home and walks you through all the chemicals you need to reproduce various colors. He also talks about the chemistry behind the liquid’s luminescent reaction. Enjoy!


12 Responses to HOW TO: Make Glow Stick Liquid at Home [Video]

  1. way better than all of those other ones that are like "mix match heads, bleach, mountain dew and ammonia and it'll glow!!!!1!!!" no it won't, and it'll produce chlorine gas and knock you out.

  2. my question is you do not talk about the amount of these chemicals to put into each thing. Does it matter. Can I put like 1 cup of diethyl phthalate and than 1 tblspn of the dye and 1tbspn of the bis oxalate and tbspn of the sodium acetate and than a cup of hydrogen peroxide? what is the ratios???

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